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Learn fly fishing and fly casting from the Master Caster.

10 hot tips for August Fly fishing

10 HOT TIPS – fly fishing in August

10 HOT TIPS for fly fishing in August With the Summer underway and everything looking lively and abundantly green it might be some of the best weather to be out on a boat or bank to soak up the rays and have a great time with family or friends. For us it’s also a great…
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bronze spectra spider Fly pattern Photo

How to tie a bronze spectra spider

  How to tie a bronze spectra spider fly pattern with Matthew Pate The bronze spectra spider fly pattern is fantastic on rivers especially in the spring months. Fish it on a floating line cast across the stream and allow it to come round naturally with the current. The bronze spectra spider wet fly can…
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FlyDay neon tag buzzer fly pattern

How to tie a neon tag buzzer fly pattern

How to tie a neon tag buzzer fly pattern with Matthew Pate. It’s FlyDay again and Matthew Pate is Back behind his vice showing us how to tie a Neon Tag Buzzer. Grab your vice or just sit back and relax as we show you how. If you want to tie along with Matt then…
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Flyday Fluffcat photo

How to tie a fluffcat fly pattern

How to tie a fluffcat fly pattern with Matthew Pate. This is a good all round lure for any type of stillwaters, and can be used all year round. Ingredients: Size 10 hook White Silk Zonker strip Crystal hackle Rabbit Fur Red silk to finish Set up the vice and get tying!  

Early season fly fishing preparation photo

Fly fishing preparations for early season.

Expectations and preparations All the waiting is over and the opening day has finally arrived. If you are like us you didn’t get much sleep the night before and are probably up early and on your way to the fishery well before the sun rises. You are looking forward to that first hook up of…
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Olive F Fly Pattern Photo

Olive F fly pattern -How to tie

Olive F fly pattern – How to tie The F fly is a must have dry for any fly fishing trip, whether fishing in the UK or anywhere in the world this fly has worldwide appeal. Ingredients: Black or Olive silk A few Olive CDC feathers. The perfect presentation for the summer fish that are confidently…
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pink shrimp fly pattern

Pink Shrimp Fly Pattern – how to tie

PINK SHRIMP This deep diving pink shrimp is a great pattern for faster flowing rivers and the legs really look great when animated by the current. Give it a go next time you’re heading out for the grayling. Ingredients Flat lead, Pink silk, Nylon rib, Pink shellback, Light pink fritz, This shrimp pattern is deadly…
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split wing cdc fly pattern photo

Split Wing CDC Fly Pattern – How to tie

Split Wing CDC Fly Pattern Getting on top with the dry flies this week as we are tying a split wing CDC requested by Kenneth Halley. Ingredients: Olive silk, grizzle hackle, CDC Dubbing CDC feathers This pattern is deadly on drag free drifts down river. Great fly pattern suggested by Kenneth. If you have any…
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moser balloon caddis Fly Pattern Photo

Moser Balloon Caddis Fly Pattern – How to tie

Moser Balloon Caddis. This FlyDay Hywel Morgan is tying a requested fly pattern from Colin MacEachern, it’s the Moser Balloon Caddis or Sedge. Ingredients: Bright yellow etha foam, Yellow chenille, Yellow dyed deer hair Olive silk, This is a great looking fly pattern. This Roman Moser Pattern is very effective and easy to tie. When it’s…
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Shipmans buzzer fly pattern

Shipmans Buzzer fly pattern

Shipmans Buzzer fly pattern: One of the most successful emerger patterns to date and simplicity to tie so get out the vise and have a go with this fly this weekend. You will need: Olive silk, CDC feathers, Olive hare’s ear dubbing for the body and thats it. Well we said it was simple. If…
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